As experienced craft brewers, we understand the unique challenges faced by the craft brewing community. That's why we're dedicated to providing support and solutions that help you succeed. Let us partner with you and together we'll elevate your beer to new heights, ensuring that it reaches consumers quickly and with the consistency they crave.

Head Right Contract Brewing Company - We Brew for You!


Our contract brewing services are expertly designed to bring a new level of capacity, consistency, and quality to the craft beer market in the Southwest. Our state-of-the-art 40 BBL 4-vessel brewing system, custom-built to our Master Brewer's specifications, offers a semi-automated solution for contract brewing with precision and consistency. Partner with us to elevate your beer to the next level. Right Right


Our four founders bring a wealth of experience, boasting over 75 years of combined expertise in the brewery, craft beer, big beer, beverage, and business industries. We're not your average neighborhood brewery start-up, but a team of experts dedicated to delivering superior beer to the marketplace. Our Director of Brewery Operations, a Master Brewer with a Global Brew Master Level II will collaborate closely with your Brew Master to perfect your recipe and ensure that your beer consistently exceeds expectations.


With our unique partnership model, your craft brewery can produce your beer to exact specifications under the guidance of our Master Brewer and your own brew master. This solution offers a cost-effective way to expand your distribution, without incurring the expenses associated with building a new brewery. As a partner brewer, you have full control over the brewing and packaging process, ensuring that your brand specifications are consistently met and that your beer retains its distinct character. Right Right


Head Right Brewing Co. is in Phoenix, Arizona, a top five largest city in the United States, making it an ideal hub for your beer distribution. With its dynamic demographics and favorable logistics, the Metro-Phoenix market is the perfect location for your brand. Our strategic position provides easy access throughout the Southwest, reducing transport and production costs as you expand your reach.